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06.19.2018—5am    Post #7848
Type attacks: trendy for ads?

Two type attacks in one edition of The Wall Street Journal Monday: but I see them all over the place, and not just in the US.

The type attack is back.

Not that it ever left.

As I read The Wall Street Journal Monday during a flight from Tampa to New York City, I was surprised to see these two type attack ads.? One of them, for Verizon, running two pages across.

Type attacks have been around forever, and they can be very effective when there is no illustration to go with the content of the story—or ad!

Ironically, these type attacks are seldom seen on the screen of a phone, so it is safe to assert that type attacks have not made the transition to digital very successfully. It would be fun to try them there.

For now, take a look here. This is Verizon, a two pager, in a broadsheet format:



And here is one for Google Cloud, single page:

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