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07.13.2015—4am    Post #2233
The type attacks of summer

Returning to my New York home after vacation: delighted to catch up with my magazine reading. Yes, all those printed mags stack up on my coffee table as I become reacquainted with them.  You'd think that type attacks are the visual remedy to beat the summer heat.

We like type attacks: when the art director figures that using type as protagonist in the design is more interesting than using images.  These three examples from The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic and New York magazines prove the point.

Here is a approach that I have always recommended. Readers like it and type attacks can save the day when the story is too abstract for a single image to tell it best.  Words do the job quickly and effectively. However, a type attack requires that the words sing.  This is not about decoration, but about the impact of words, which can often be as strong and seductive as a good photo or illustration.

Take a look.

From The New York Times Magazine

From The Atlantic

From New York

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