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Celebrating one year of Hindustan Times redesign

As I remember it, this was the first relaunch of a project for me with long distance involvement due to Covid19.

It has been a year since I had the honor of working with the team of India’s Hindustan Times to launch redesign on August 31, 2020.

For me personally, this was the second time that I participated in the launch of one of my projects remotely. (the first was the relaunch of Germany’s Handelsblatt, July 6, 2020). I was on lockdown mode at my beach place in Belleair Beach, Florida. The team of the Hindustan Times was working hard in Delhi, India. We Zoomed and Zoomed again to exchange ideas, make last minute adjustments and, eventually, see the birth of the new baby.

All went well, the relaunch was a success and it is hard to believe that it is already 365 days since it happened. It is sad that Covid is still around, and surging in some parts of the world. But, for the Hindustan Times team, the anniversary is reason to celebrate.

First year anniversary

In the words of Hindustan Times creative director, Anup Gupta:

“It has been an amazing experience that was launched at the end of the first wave of Covid 19, and rode right through the terrifying and devastating second wave to complete 365 days earlier this week. 
It has been quite a challenge, but we, I think, have been able to hold the spirit of the design system created reasonably well to produce some interesting applications of it. The best example of which, in my opinion, has been the weekend offering HT WKND. ”

To celebrate, the HT team created this image with the 52 front pages of the section. Take a look!

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