"I enjoy working at the gap between imagination and making

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After pursuing his undergrad degree in journalism at University of Sao Paulo, Edson Soares' curiosity and passion for storytelling and design led him to France and later to New York, where he received his Masters at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP).

As a designer, his work is focused on problem solving and product development.

He worked for Flickr, Blue Man Group, and colaborated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Tim Telecom and Rede Globo.

As an artist, he has experimented with documentary, fiction film and installations on topics ranging from consuption to gender identity.

His projects aims at hacking the human behavior and broadening the experience of the audience and the tech user, blurring the boundaries of the sciences, arts, and humanities.

Always common in his full body of work is the use of recent and old media technologies. 

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